New job — 1st or 5th, doesn’t matter.

Different (tele)commute and new names/faces to remember. Time to justify the hiring manager’s confidence and fulfill your tall interview promises.

You have a need to prove yourself and don’t like not being able to do something. But they don’t know it. …

Take Moderna COVID vaccine for example.

During the clinical trial, the volunteers were paid the following.
- $20 to travel to and from the clinic per visit (2 shots, 4 trips): $80
- $100 per each injection (2 shots): $200
- $15 for each phone checking (average 7): $105
- $5 for each effect…

Samir Gondalia

20+ Years Pharmaceutical Veteran | Scientist | Writer | | Bibliophile | Podcast Host — The Future of Pharma

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